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Brisbane Financial Services has a rich history in helping clients with financial advice.

We’re Innovators

We’ve always supported our clients with reaching their goals, but now we’re using a new innovative digital approach to manage your financial future.

When it comes to wealth and investment management, we’re leading the way with our digital data-driven shift toward achieving your life’s goals. Our interactive Goals Exploration gives you access to a whole new level of digital intelligence for financial planning.

We want to help you navigate and make smarter choices about your financial life. We’re on this journey with you for life.

Your life will always change, and that’s why our real value is our ongoing relationship. We’re here with you to help adjust the sails and make the course corrections along the way to help you achieve your goals.

We’re Financial Life Managers

One of the first steps in getting smart about money is to understand what you want out of life. You achieve this by looking at your goals, short and long term.

We explore your goals using a personal interactive digital experience to provide you with an achievable financial life management plan. We apply a personalised approach to understand your values and support your life’s goals so you can own tomorrow – that’s at the heart of who we are.

Take control of your future. We’re here with you for the long haul. With our client-centric vision, we’re devoted to helping you explore, plan, track and make your life goals a reality.

Our clients are a diverse group with different goals and at varying stages of their life. They come from all over Queensland for the best financial advice in Brisbane.

We’re Goal Coaches

Did we mention that we like to talk about goals?

Helping you think about and plan personal goals is a big part of who we are.

At Brisbane Financial Services, we listen to you to uncover your personal values and discover what it is that you want out of life both in the short term and in the future.

Our digital goals technology helps us identify and prioritise your goals to deliver a personalised strategy for your successful future.

To make your goals a reality we listen to your needs and understand your unique set of circumstances. It’s essential that we take the time to get to know you because your success is our success too.

We’re transparent about how we work and how we charge. After all, we’re part of making your goals come true. Being upfront with who we are stands us in good stead to deliver advice and solutions tailored to your life, needs and ambitions.

When you take back control of your finances and do some serious goal setting, you can make some lasting changes to your life for the better.

So, why is personal goal setting so important?

Goals are important because they help you achieve what you want in life. We’ve all got dreams, things we want to do, see, own and be. By turning these into achievable goals, they give us motivation and purpose.

If you know what your goals are you can begin working towards them. By knowing what you want in the long term, we can work out where you are now and what you need to do to get you there.

Long term goals are things that take time to achieve. Such as owning your own home, being able to afford to give up work and travel, or planning for a family and spending more time with your children as they grow.

Short term goals on-the-other-hand help you reach your long term goals — things like, getting rid of your credit card debt or saving up for a honeymoon.

We’re Planners, Mortgage and Finance brokers who turn personal goals into financial goals

Once you know what you want to do in life, we set your financial goals. Financial goal setting quantifies what you want to achieve. It tells you how much you need to save to realise your ambitions and make your dreams come true. Financial planning with goal setting leads you in the right direction:

  • It keeps you focused on your end-goal.Once you’ve set a goal, financial planning helps you keep track of your progress. If there are any surprises along the way, you adjust your plan to accommodate and stay on track to realising the future you’ve always dreamed about.
    Some surprises are ones that we can control, like spending a bit too much on entertainment. Having a financial plan that you revisit regularly keeps your eye on the end-goal. It keeps you motivated.
  • It helps you strategise.Aside from letting you see how much you need to save, goal setting and financial planning enables you to leverage other financial strategies to get you where you want to be.
  • It guides your career choices.You may need to increase your income or reduce your spending. It could be as simple as asking your boss for a raise, or taking a risk and starting your business.
  • It creates a sense of achievement.Writing your financial goals down and keeping track of them takes discipline. Realising them, while it may take a while, sets you up for long term success and peace of mind.

So, how do your goals align with ours?

When it comes down to it, our industry is changing. Our vision to lead puts your interests first and leverages innovative technology and data so you can do more with your time and money now and in the future.

We want to help you get the most out of life, to help you feel in control, and confident about your money and optimistic about your future.

We achieve this outcome by having honest conversations, by getting to know you and what you want. We put you in control of your future and show you how to bring your goals to life.

Are you ready to live the life you want?

Did you know?

6 Reasons Brisbane Financial Services is right for you

AMPFP Gold Practice

Recognised by AMPFP 7 years in a row 2012-2017

Valued Partners

Helping you build your wealth and achieve your goals

Technology Driven

Leading the way with Innovative technologies

Community Spirited

Our team gives back to their community


Founded in 2003

Building on years of expertise and experience

Team of High Achievers

20 individual awards in the last 5 years

Some goals to work towards…

Goals Driven Financial Advice For Life

Before your first goals session, start thinking about what matters and where you want to be. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • New Car Cars don’t last forever and with the rate at which technology changes you have to budget for vehicle maintenance and consider what you’ll be driving in ten years.
  • It helps you strategise Aside from letting you see how much you need to save, goal setting and financial planning enables you to leverage other financial strategies to get you where you want to be.
  • Holiday Everyone needs a little R&R from time to time. You might want to save for a local holiday, a cruise, a trip around Australia or travel overseas.
  • Education Whether you’re thinking about changing direction with a new degree or expanding your knowledge, education is much more affordable if paid upfront.
  • Buying a house Owning your own house is still an Australian dream. Tired of renting and moving around? If you’re ready to put your feet down or even considering buying a second house, you’ll need considerable savings for a deposit and legal fees.
  • Start your own business Starting a business is always more comfortable if you have some cash to invest at the start. You build a home office or rent a space. Then, there’s legal fees, marketing and primary assets you’ll need to get you started.
  • Health and fitness While health insurance covers many things, there are often hidden fees that we don’t expect. Plus it often makes sense to be looking after our health before it gets serious. Think gym fees, physio and wellness retreats.
  • Retirement One of those long term goals is retirement planning. Have you considered how you want to retire and where? Perhaps you want to use the time to pursue other passions that could be a little expensive.
  • Paying off debt There’s nothing like paying off debt and feeling a thousand times lighter. Get debt free sooner and pay less interest and other fees.
  • Renovate a house Instead of moving, perhaps you want to do up your current home. What would it look like with new carpet, kitchen, bathroom or a brand new outdoor patio? How about turning it into a smart home with home automation?
  • Make a sizeable donation Have you ever thought about making a sizeable donation to your favourite cause? Or what about annual contributions to a few different charities?
  • Leave an inheritance Instead of leaving behind a debt and funerals costs, you may want to have it all taken care of with a trust fund set up for the children and grandchildren.

Advance your goals today to secure your future and do what matters to you.

Our Financial Advice & Planning Services

Our team of qualified and experienced professionals are well equipped to help you achieve your goals. We have 8 specialists with experience across a range of areas like:

  • Taxation
  • Insurance
  • Superannuation
  • Cash flow management
  • Debt management
  • Mortgage and finance broking
  • Home loans
  • Car Leases
  • Securities
  • Commercial loans
  • Rural loans
  • Reverse mortgages
  • And more.

So, it doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are, if you need help to reach your life goals, our financial advisers have you covered.


Brisbane Financial Services in Brisbane City is accredited with the highest standards of professionalism and advice.

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