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Whether you’re a hairdresser running a home salon or a farmer in Queensland, you can’t run your business without vital tools. If you’re seeking to purchase or lease new vehicles, machinery or technology we can help you organise your equipment financing.

Brisbane Financial Services makes it easy for you to acquire the most critical assets in your business. We can arrange equipment finance loans for small office items through to leasing options for large industrial equipment and farm machinery.

Our experience and relationships with a wide variety of lending institutions place us in a unique position to broker the best equipment finance solution for your business.

Our brokers and financial advisors have access to a vast network of lenders. We also make it our business to stay ahead of market changes and considerations so we can negotiate superior deals for your business.

When you come to Brisbane Financial Services for equipment financing, we’ll first get to know a bit more about your business. We’ll listen to your needs and aspirations and get to know what it is that you want to achieve.

We’ll then shop around for the best equipment finance options available for your business and circumstances. Before you choose an option, we’ll explain its benefits and compare it to other options available on the market.

Why you should choose equipment financing

One of the main reasons a business chooses equipment financing is to preserve cash reserves or working capital. So, instead of tying up a lot of cash for a work vehicle or specialised machinery your business borrows money.

There are also other advantages to financing your equipment with a loan, such as:

  • Where you might claim tax advantages where the ongoing cost of equipment that’s used to make a taxable income is a business expense.
  • Easier budgeting where equipment financing isn’t subject to variable interest rates.
  • Flexibility to structure repayment schedules to suit your cash flow.
  • Taking advantage of new opportunities where readily available equipment finance allows you to streamline processes.
  • Full ownership when the equipment finance loan is all paid off.
  • Not requiring security for the loan as the equipment itself acts as security. If you can’t pay the loan back, you only lose the equipment

Understand your different equipment finance options

There are a few different equipment financing options available:

  • Equipment or Asset Loan or Chattel Mortgage

    When you use equipment financing to purchase necessary tools and machinery for your business, you’re essentially taking out a loan. You use the equipment you’re acquiring as collateral. At the end of the day, when the loan is all paid off, you own the equipment

  • Finance or Asset Lease

    Generally, if you take out a lease on the equipment, you’re renting it over a given period. When you finish the lease, you give the equipment back. Some leases have options to pay out a residual amount at the end of the term to purchase the equipment. However, you may prefer to give it back and take out a new lease for updated equipment.

  • Asset or Hire Purchase

    In this arrangement, the financier purchases the equipment on your behalf, and you buy it from them in instalments over an agreed period. The instalments may be flexible to suit your cash flow, and there may be a balloon payment at the end.

Different lenders use different terminology for the types of finance options they offer.

When you use Brisbane Financial Services to organise your equipment finance, we’ll simplify the language and clearly explain your options, so there are no misunderstandings.

When should you consider getting equipment finance?

There are many different circumstances where you might decide to take out an equipment finance loan. Here are a few examples based on different types of industries that we work with at Brisbane Financial Services.

  • Manufacturing & Engineering You might want to upgrade your current equipment to the latest machinery, vehicles or technology to help your business grow. You can start making an immediate income from the new equipment and own it at the end of a loan.
  • Accountancy & Legal Firms Modern offices need to keep up to date with the latest equipment and technologies. You might need a new server or computer network to crunch your clients’ numbers or store a vast amount of electronic contracts and communications. Equipment leasing might be the way to go to keep up with the fast pace of changing technologies.
  • Real Estate As a real estate professional, you benefit from keeping a mobile office up to date. Vehicle finance loans allow you to grow your business while preserving cash flow.
  • Transport Companies Having the right vehicles at the correct locations is an important mix for a transport company. Equipment financing and loans can help you grow your business but also update your fleets with the latest and safest technologies and machinery.
  • Storage Firms Storage firms need machinery and the best technology to ensure systems and processes run smoothly. An equipment finance loan allows you to get the machinery that you need to stay in control and grow.

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