Who We Are

We are a leading Brisbane Financial Services company that is changing the way people think about their finances, their life goals and how these work together – we call this Financial Life Management.

We’ve always supported our clients with reaching their goals, but now we are leveraging innovative technology which can help you manage your financial future.

We put your goals at the centre of what we do, then review each of these 5 key areas of your financial life:

Rather than just understand 1 or 2 of these areas, our team works together for you to ensure that “everyone is rowing in the same direction”, and your financial life is working in unison to help you achieve your goals.

By coupling this with a deeper understanding of the life you want to live, we can help you navigate and make smarter choices about your financial life.

Your life will always change, and that’s why our real value is our ongoing relationship. We’re here to help you adjust the sails and make the course corrections along the way, to help you live the life you want.

Goals Exploration

Helping you think about and plan personal goals is a big part of who we are. For us to work well together and for us to add as much value as we can to the relationship, it’s important we understand:

  • Who you are
  • What’s important to you
  • What your ideal life looks like

At Brisbane Financial Services, we listen to you to uncover your personal values and discover what it is that you want out of life both in the short and long term. Our technology helps you identify and prioritise your goals, which we then use to construct a personalised Goals Plan for your financial future.

Why Goals

Goals are important because they help you achieve what you want in life. We’ve all got dreams, things we want to do, see, own and be. By turning these into achievable goals, they give us motivation and purpose.

If you know what your goals are you can begin working towards them. By knowing what you want in the long term, we can work out where you are now and what you need to do to get you there.

Long term goals are things that take time to achieve. Such as owning your own home, being able to retire the way you want, or leaving something behind for your loved ones.

Short term goals on the other hand can help you reach your long term goals — things like, understanding your cashflow, paying less interest by getting rid of your credit card debt or putting surplus funds in an investment.

Having that overall clarity in your Financial Life is empowering. Working with someone you trust that can help you understand your decisions today and how they effect your tomorrow is where our clients see real value in what we do, and is at the core of our business.

Financial Life Management

Once we have a deep understanding of what’s important to you, where you are now, and the life you want to live, we overlay this with an exploration of these 5 key areas of your financial life. We believe if these areas are all working as effectively as possible and are aligned with your goals, you are more likely to live the life you want.

  • Cashflow
    Understanding where your money goes (and how much of it you keep), is fundamental to successfully managing your cash flow. All successful businesses have an established plan, a budget and most importantly, measures their actual performance against their budget. Where required, they make adjustments to stay on track with their goals. Doing a budget isn’t everyone’s favorite idea of a Saturday night in, but it is extremely important to get a detailed understanding of your income and expenses. We leverage innovative tools that give you real-time tracking and categorization of your expenses, to give you the data insights you need to help with this understanding of your cashflow.

    Do you know where your money goes today?

  • Debt
    Most people will have debt of some sort throughout their life. It is often one of the largest expenses/commitment we will have. Regular reviews of all of your current loans is one of the most critical elements in reducing the amount of interest you pay over your lifetime. The lending environment in Australia is an extremely competitive one. Our team of experts has years of experience in navigating the complex credit requirements and negotiate better interest rates for our clients on a daily basis. Leverage their experience and knowledge to see what you have.

    Could you be paying less interest?

  • Investments
    For most people, just saving for a rainy day may not be enough for them to live their ideal life. To accelerate their wealth creation, with good cashflow management, some clients seek advice on a strategy to invest surplus funds they have. This could be property, managed funds, shares, term deposits or a range of different asset classes each with varying degrees of risk and return.We use advanced behavioral profiling tools to accelerate our knowledge and gain deeper insights into how you feel about cashflow, and what your preferences are when it comes to balancing risk and return.

    This is complex and highly regulated, it’s important that any investments you have are consistent with your preferences and profile, but are also aligned to the achievement of your goals.

  • Retirement
    Retirement is an important topic. A lot of people don’t start thinking about how they’re going to retire until they’re in their late fifties or sixties. While most people aren’t in a position to retire until they reach this age, it’s critical that you start thinking about it at a much younger age, like when you get your first job. The earlier you start contemplating retiring, the more chance you have of setting yourself up for the way you want to retire. Because people often leave it until their later years, they’re focused on whether they’re going to have enough money to maintain their lifestyle. Superannuation is a key component in any retirement plan. Understanding what you have with regards to fees and asset allocation is something a lot of people don’t pay enough attention to but the effect can be significant over the long term. You may also have insurances linked to your super and it can be complex, that’s why our advisers have years of experience, qualifications and undergo constant professional development and education to ensure their knowledge is of the highest standard.

    So, what does retirement look like for you?

  • Insurance
    We all know of someone that has been impacted by the injury or death of a loved one. We all hope that won’t happen to us but what if it does? Protecting your income and being able to provide for your family if you can no longer work, or in the worst case no longer here, is something that often keeps people awake at night. As part of any comprehensive plan, ensuring you have the right protection in place is of the utmost importance. Balancing the cost of premiums and be aware of how they impact your other goals is also a key consideration. Again there are a lot of complexities with insurance and firstly reviewing what you have, understanding what you need and then exploring what you can get and at what cost is an extensive process and requires years of knowledge and experience.

    Do you have the right protection in place for you and your family?

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